Lab Technology + AI
+ Skincare


Personalization for a new Era in Skin Care

We call our technology “Intelligent Gap Marketing”

Research & Development

Our two main areas of research are own developed proprietary ingredients and ingredient efficacy analysis. We look to tailor ingredient delivery on a one-on-one basis.

Applied AI Marketing Solutions

The software we are developing bridges the gap between the consumer and the formulators behind the skin care using AI to indicate successful formulations.

Our Branded & Partnered Skin Care

Our two brands (currently in development) are Maquet, a French Luxury brand and By-Invite-Only or B.I.O., our Taiwan based brand. We have several partner brands we formulate for.

educating loyal customers

International Channels

Meet the founders

“Our Vision: Change the Skin Care Industry”

Ms. Karman Ow

Ms. Karman Ow brings years of international management and marketing experience to oversee all legal, marketing, HR and general operations to execute her vision in bringing KDW’s services and products to markets globally.

Mr. David Kartuzinski

Mr. Kartuzinski combines a history of software development, skin care and cosmetics sales with Cosmetic Science to oversee the technical aspects of the IoT, AI and skin care formulation technology services and products that KDW offers.

Leading Products Imported & Distrubuted | Taiwan

French Organix & Natural Beauty

French Innovative Organic Treatment

“Faveable” Awarded No. 1 Organic Product

Amazon Best-Seller – Truly Traditional Soap

Proven Ancient Secrets for Rejuvenation
We are proud to import and distribute these products for the Taiwanese consumers and beyond.

We are Within Reach

We always love to hear from our customers, partners and interested individuals. Feel free to drop in or contact us during our business hours.

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